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Valley Made provides memorable experiences through customizable and quality made balloon designs. Our mission is to bring joy to every occasion! But we're not your average balloon shop - we're on a mission to make a difference! We believe that balloons can bring a little bit of joy and magic to people's lives, and we want to use that power for good. That's why we are working on becoming a social enterprise . By choosing Valley Made, you're not just getting a beautiful balloon design - you're also helping to make a positive impact in your community.
But enough about the serious stuff - let's talk about how we got started!

meet ciara

Creating memories through parties & piñatas & balloons, Oh my!

My inspiration behind Valley Made comes from one of my most cherished childhood memories. Growing up my grandparents were the host of every party! And let me tell you ,there is no party, like a Lopez party, just saying! My grandpa was always the go to person for all our family event decor needs. I was even lucky enough to learn how to make piñatas through him! Until this day I still hear about my grandfathers awesome piñatas and custom party designs.

I'm proud to say my grandfather left a positive impact. And through him I learned how these small gestures and details can bring so much joy and create lasting memories. As a result, I would like to continue his tradition through our services at Valley Made.

Through my Tata, we learned that these gestures can leave a positive lasting impact.

and now, we extend those gestures to you!

Here's a few of our favorite things (or whatever).

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Hey Mr. D.J. - Zhane

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Chips and guac, yum!

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